Castelfranco Encounter

Castelfranco Encounter

Date: November 16, 1952

Location: Castelfranco, Emilia Romagna, Italy

Nello Ferrari, 41, a farmer, had gone to a lonely spot to relieve himself when he noticed a copper colored light cast on the grass.

Looking up, he saw a gold or copper colored object like two 60' soup plates put together, in the center, protruding above & below, was a 15' metal cylinder, in which was something rotating, with a motor like noise.

It was only 30' above him.

The 2 plates separated, and 3 human forms appeared in the interstice, dressed apparently in rubber like overalls, with transparent masks.

They spoke words sounding like:


Then they retreated and the plates closed with a metallic click.

The hum grew louder, and the vessel ascended vertically.

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