4 Circular Objects In Sky

4 Circular Objects In Sky

Date: July 1, 1947

Location: Cashmere, WA

It was a clear, summer's evening in 1947, or 1948.

I can't be sure of the exact year.

The Sun had just set over the foothills of the Cascades North of Leavenworth.

My childhood friend and I were playing in a vacant lot next to my house in the small town of Cashmere, WA. which is nestled in the Wenatchee River valley.

We were both staring off into the clear western sky when, in the southwest, we both saw 4 circular, like dots, light green objects moving toward the West in a diamond formation above the top of the foothills southwest of town.

It was hard to judge their actual distance and speed, but they were moving quite slowly.

We watched them move slowly West for less than a minute, and then, one at a time, each object went from a lumbering speed to streaking away at a fantastic speed, we saw each leave a short green streak and it was gone in an instant.

This event would be comparable to the Starship Enterprise jumping to light speed, leaving the momentary streak of light, as in the Star Trek movies.

After they were gone, my friend and I ran to tell my parents what we had seen.

My Mom said:

Well, tomorrow go down to the local newspaper office and given them your report.

We did just that the next day, but they were not interested.

While my friend and I now live in different states, we still recall/discuss this sighting whenever we see each other.

Like so many others who have witnessed a UFO event, they often say, whether or not people believe UFOs exist, I know what I saw.

We know what we saw in the sky on that summer evening years ago, but we don't know what they were.

I think it is fair to say that no Earth based flying machine at that point in time could have possibly behaved as these 4 objects did.

When they streaked away out of sight, it was almost like they simply departed from our optical window and immediately entered a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that our visual mechanism cannot perceive.

I have never communicated the foregoing to anyone, except my own family.

And for the record I have been a science professor at the university level for the past 34 years.

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