Large Cigar Shaped Object

Large Cigar Shaped Object

Date: August 1, 1960

Location: Carteret, NJ

It was the summer of 1960.

My parents, brother & myself were outside in our back yard, dad was painting the house.

I looked up and saw a large cigar shaped object moving very slowly directly over us.

We were looking up and directly underneath the object, from that angle it looked cigar shaped.

It was grey/brown in color and had no windows and made no sound.

We were trying to figure out what it was.

We lived only 10 minutes from Newark International airport and we were very familiar with aircraft since our house was in a flight path.

It was not a plane, helicopter or blimp.

I ran into the house to get my camera to take a picture but unfortunately I didn't have any film.

I came back out of the house and the object passed over us and was heading towards the direction of Staten Island, NY.

It started to climb higher and then with tremendous speed took off and in a few seconds was gone from our sight.

There was never any sound upon acceleration of the object.

It did have a trail of some type of light shinny dust or light behind it as it vanished.

This happened a very long time ago but I can still see the object in my mind as though it happened yesterday.

My family still talks about it.

We thought that perhaps the military was experimenting.

We watched the newspapers for an article about it but we didn't see any reports about the object.

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