Children Observe Landed UFO In Local Field

Children Observe Landed UFO In Local Field

Date: March 1, 1966

Location: Carson City, MI

A Michigan witness recalls a UFO incident from 1966 in Carson City when she and a friend stepped into a local field and discovered a disk UFO on the ground.

According to testimony in Case 63749 from the Mutual UFO Network witness reporting database.

Jane Doe remembers that it was a clear day when she and her cousin, both 7 years old, entered a small enclosed field along the edge of town and saw the UFO on the ground.

There were some pieces of metal along the tree line from a tornado and at first I thought it was one of those, Jane stated.

But then the object moved.

We approached, and it zipped up in a zigzag manner.

It was silver and had a little bit of heat wave shimmer.

I don&'t remember any features as it happened quickly.

Jane's mother recalls the children returned home wound up and she went back to the field to investigate their claims.

The mother found a flattened, burnt area with holes like a coffee can was shoved in the ground.

Jane doesn't remember being afraid, but I was scared of the fuel oil tank on legs after that, and kept dreaming about a long, flat chicken coop back there.

Jane provided one original illustration of the event with the report, which was filed on March 5, 2015.

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