Triangle Passes Overhead With Humming Sound

Triangle Passes Overhead With Humming Sound

Date: June 23, 1957

Location: Carmichael, CA

6 persons saw a bright yellowish/white light about 10º off the horizon at a bearing of 220º.

The object remained in this position for approximately 10 minutes.

During this time the object was viewed through binoculars.

The object began to move upwards fairly quickly to a height of an estimated 20,000', or about 45º off the horizon.

The object then appeared to lose altitude and then moved towards the observers and was seen to pass overhead at an estimated altitude of 3,000' to 5,000'.

The object was triangular in shape and had a weird sound like a high frequency hum or vibration when overhead.

One of the witnesses was a USAF First lieutenant Navigator and Briefing Officer, 965th AEW&C Squadron, McClellan AFB, CA.

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