Craft Over Reservoir

Craft Over Reservoir

Date: August 1965

Location: Carlington Heights Pumping Station near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Harris and a lady friend were parked at the base of a water reservoir near the Carlington Heights Pumping Station near Ottawa, Ontario, on an August evening in 1965.

At between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., they saw an extremely bright light appear in the sky which lit up the whole area.

When they looked out of the front window of the car and up toward the top of the reservoir, they saw a glowing object approaching the reservoir.

It had what appeared to be 4 searchlights on the underside which beamed down to the ground.

Shortly after the craft stopped at an estimated 15' to 20' above the reservoir, what looked like a sliding door opened and a figure was standing in the doorway, joined shortly by 2 more figures.

Harris did not recall if there was a ramp or anything of that nature, just that the figures, which appeared to be dark but shiny, stood there in the opening.

His girl friend was very frightened and urged him to drive away, so they left the area while the object was still there.

Harris did not recall any details of the figures, such as height or facial features, due to the fact that they were so far away from his location.

Harris said that he had seen other cars in the area when they first arrived at the reservoir, but did not speak to any others about the presence of the craft.

He said that he was not frightened and that he thought that the Air Force must have been carrying out some experiments in the area, which accounted for the craft and the figures.

It was pointed out that the top of the reservoir affords a good view of Ottawa, is located near a rock quarry, and that high tension electrical transmission lines run along the edge of the reservoir.

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