Stadium Sized UFO

Stadium Sized UFO

Date: June 1, 1972

Location: Nevada Desert, NV

My Father and I were traveling in a caravan on a move from Carson City, NV to Oklahoma.

About 200 miles from Las Vegas I guess, we saw a very large craft hover up from behind a small mountain range to the East of us.

The best I can describe it was that it was like 2 tops off a football stadium flipped to make the craft, big, silver metallic with a lot of tarnish or a rust discoloration, a weathered look to it.

With structure protruding from it on the side facing us, very much like the UFO's seen in Independence Day, only silver with tarnish all over it.

It came straight up above the mountains then back down a little back up then all the way down disappearing behind the mountains.

I suppose it was somewhere around Area 51, yet I don’t know if it existed then.

It looked very heavy, no exhaust seem to be coming from it.

I cant remember if it had any lights, but I want to elaborate it was real big, actually bigger then the top of a football stadium big.

I'm sure even with the best of our technology at that time we had nothing of that scale, and why would we?

I am sure it was not a balloon or anything like that.

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