Witness Sketches 1966 Cape Cod UFO Encounter

Witness Sketches 1966 Cape Cod UFO Encounter

Date: July 3-4, 1966

Location: Dennis, Cape Cod, MA

A Massachusetts witness at Dennis, Cape Cod, recalls an incident from 1966 after his family visited one of his father's Army buddies on the July 3 or 4, according to testimony.

The man had a son my age, 14, so we buddied up for the day, met up with a couple of girls he knew and all spent the day together.

That evening about 30 to 40 people of all ages assembled on the small beach at the lake to watch a fireworks display from a man who brought fireworks in from New Hampshire, to hold private fireworks events in Massachusetts was illegal at that time.

As Roman candles were shooting into the air, I noticed that people were all looking away from the fireworks and pointing at something across the lake.

I followed their pointing fingers and then saw the UFO.

It was hovering above the treetops on the other side of the small lake, as if it was watching the fireworks.

It was large and metallic and was your classic 1950s disk of 2 pie pans put together.

On the bottom pan there were 6 large windows.

3 were clear, followed by 3 that were red.

There were several red blinking lights around the middle of the disk.

It also appeared that only the bottom of the disk was spinning around, but this could be because there were windows that we could see spinning, so I can't really say the top was not spinning, but it appeared to me that it wasn't.

When the clear windows spun around, you could see inside, but I didn't see any figures or shapes of things, only shadows.

After watching it for what seemed like 15 minutes, it turned and ascended in a straight line to the West.

It was extremely fast and made no sound at all.

Later that evening, my friend and I went back to the lake and laid down on a boat dock to look up at the night sky in hopes of seeing something else.

After a few minutes, a rock hit the water near us and made a large splash.

We immediately thought it was other kids that were goofing around and we yelled at them to stop, then it seemed as though hundreds of rocks were splashing all around us into the water.

Oddly, not one of them hit the dock, or either of us.

We got out of their pronto.

I do not know if these events are related, but it sure felt like they were.

As a side note, in the 1980s I was at a diner in upstate New York and was having a conversation with a man I met there.

He asked me if I ever saw a UFO.

I told him the story I just related to you, and you would think from his expression I had just slapped him across the face.

I asked him what was up and he said he was also visiting Cape Cod at the same time I was there, and that he too had seen a UFO.

I immediately pulled 2 sheets of paper and 2 pens from my briefcase and we each sketched what we saw, and then handed the sketch to each other.

His drawing was virtually the same shape as the one I saw, and he also noted the clear and red windows.

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