Silver/Blue Disk Shaped Object

Silver/Blue Disk Shaped Object

Date: August 1, 1954

Location: Canton, PA

In the summer of the mid 1950s, going South, 5 miles North of Canton, PA. on Route 14, a friend and I saw something in the night sky.

Something phenomenal enough to cause me to want to stop the car.

It appeared to give off its own light, although there were no visible windows.

I recall having car radio on, but a high pitched noise coming from the sky made me turn the radio off.

The something was a silver/blue disk like object which gave off this high pitched noise.

I estimate the distance to be approximately 1,000' in altitude and in a southern angle.

Over the years, what has always stayed with me is that the object was turning on its axis in a semi slow circle.

The bottom of the disk/saucer was not concave, but more or less flat.

After approximately 30 seconds, the object raced across the sky at an unbelievable speed in a northnortheast direction.

The sky, in that part of the country, always displayed many stars on a clear night, and this was a clear night.

I don't recall a Moon.

Furthermore, my friend and I raced to our hometown to tell people what we saw, and the movie theater was just letting out, and the first friend we saw we told of the incident, and he said:

I know. We saw it too.

This was 5 miles South of where we saw it, so the object had to be at a fairly high elevation.

There are many mountains in that part of the country, but where we saw it, was at a place where there was an open area where one could see about 6 miles to the next mountain.

We asked around, and there were no county fairs or other happenings that would have a spot light turned to the sky.

I have told this story many times over the past 50 years, and will never forget the phenomenon.

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