Observed Gray/White Luminous Curtain

Observed Gray/White Luminous Curtain

Date: End of March 1931

Location: Cannes Alpes Maritimes, France

M. Blanc, the conductor of a streetcar, saw 300' in front of him, beside the road, a sort of gray/white luminous curtain, looking as if rain were falling behind it.

As the streetcar approached, he saw the luminous curtain part, and in the middle appeared a human form, about 5½' tall, which he took for an apparition of the Blessed Virgin.

This figure was wearing a veil on its head and a close fitting long white robe with a blue girdle, and had its hand held out in front.

After about 15 seconds, the figure rose up, and appeared to be sucked up into a lenticular shaped gray cloud, the cloud rose to 60' altitude and went off horizontally toward Nice at high speed, leaving a trail behind it.

The passengers on the streetcar saw only the cloud.

The next day the Nice newspaper L’Eclaireur reported a similar apparition in Nice 30 minutes later.

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