Saw UFO When In Vietnam, No Doubt About It

Saw UFO When In Vietnam, No Doubt About It

Date: January 1, 1967

Location: Cam Ranh Bay, Khánh Ḥa Province, Vietnam

Low ceiling that night, maybe 200' to 300'.

I was driving coffee to K-9 post.

Saw orangish object slowly decend and move forward at same time.

Very bright, directly in center of base.

Just hovered after a bit and then disappeared.

I got on the radio to other K-9 handlers and most said they saw it.

Checked with tower and they saw nothng, ya right.

This object did have a glow but you could tell there was something solid there as well.

I was raised in the Air force, I knew planes and helicopters.

This was not any such thing.

No noise either.

Since then I have not forgotten it and never will.

32 years as a police offier, now retired and quite sane and intelligent.

Have been watching the UFO things on National Geographic, and always wanted to tell someone about what I saw and wish I had back then but know it would have done no good.

I know it's old information, but as God as my witness, it happened. I know what I saw

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