Fisherman Observes Spheres

Fisherman Observes Spheres

Date: December 15, 1954

Location: Campo Grande, Mato Grosso, Brazil

John A. Doe was fishing a river about 1,200' from his home when he saw an unusual craft land a few hundred feet away.

His dog became very nervous and began to howl.

Having his gun, which was equipped with a telescopic sight along with him, John employed it and was able to notice 2 spheres of different sizes, the smaller one rotating around the other.

The larger object was not on the ground but was hovering about 6' above ground, and 3 balls appeared affixed to the underside of it.

Shortly after, movement was detected and a few moments later, 3 entities came down to the ground.

They appeared human but quite small, agile, and their movements were very rapid.

One had a kind of phosphorescent basket in his hand and another entity had a metallic tube which was cone shaped on one end.

A large amount of the chalky material on the edge of the river was collected in the basket and taken inside the craft.

Then both entities came back to the same spot and, again apparently using the tube, extracted the same material from the ground.

The tube was pointed at the ground and the material was sucked up into it.

When they were seemingly finished with the latter task, the 3 little men got into the object, which then took off at high speed.

After the object left, John went to the spot where the 3 little creatures had busied themselves and found square holes had apparently been made in the ground by the cone shaped instrument.

A few days later, John learned of the existence of similar holes in the same general area.

These holes were so large that they could have accommodated the entire body of a man.

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