On A Cold Winter Night...

On A Cold Winter Night...

Date: Winter - 1930

Location: Camperville, Manitoba, Canada

On a cold winter night as the whole family slept they were awakened by the keen howling and frenzied barking of their dogs.

Several family members quickly rushed out after getting quickly dressed.

The dogs acted as if they were rabid but never approached the figure of a strange man that was standing by the fence next to the road.

He was not wearing proper clothing. In the dead of winter with temperatures below 30°, this figure wore a black tailed tuxedo and a white shirt.

He stood there watching the dogs, and then he looked at the family. The family walked towards him to see what he wanted, but he backed up to the dirt road.

2 of the men walked towards him.

He watched them approach him and then walked backwards down the road.

No matter how fast the men walked they could not get close to him.

He seemed to be walking backward one step at the time but no matter how fast they ran they could not reach him. The men gave up and returned home. They never saw the stranger again.

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