Noticed Bright Light Shining

Noticed Bright Light Shining

Date: Winter - 1938

Location: Campagne Di Fiuggi, Italy

A man was returning from work when he noticed a bright light shining from behind some nearby trees.

He approached to within 150' and noticed a silvery object on the ground.

It was shaped like an upside down dish with a dome on top, approximately 90' in diameter.

4 metallic legs supported the object and between these there was a long ladder extending all the way to the ground.

At the base of the ladder stood 4 short humanoid figures, about 4' tall, & wearing coverall like suits.

Curious, the witness approached the group and they without warning scrambled up the ladder & into the object.

Immediately the ladder & the legs retracted back into the craft and a very bright orange light came on.

The craft lifted up, at first very slowly then it increased its speed and shot up into the sky and disappeared.

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