Black Cowled Figures

Black Cowled Figures

Date: July 3, 1967

Location: Highwood Ranger Station, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Of the 35 photographic cases examined by the Condon Committee, only 2 were judged to be first priority having potential value in establishing the existence of flying saucers.

One was the so called Black Cowled Figures with its 2 photos. Dr. Hynek, who subjected the original negatives to exhaustive lab tests, called the first photo the best daylight disk photograph I have personally investigated.

Mr. Warren Smith, 27 years old and 2 companions, were returning from a weekend prospecting trip through rugged bush country, saw and took 2 color photographs of an object described as circular, shiny, aluminum color, and approximately 25' in diameter, in half 35mm format using an Olympus PEN EE. His color film was ASA 64 set 7 ft to infinity.

At about 5:30 p.m. the youngest of the group pointed to what at first all thought was an airplane.

It was some 2 miles away at about 2000', but losing altitude fast, as if headed for a crash. As it traveled toward them, they noticed it had no wings, no sound accompanied the sighting and no exhaust or colors of any kind were seen.

What we saw was a disk shaped object with a silvery tone to it, of a size of 30' to 40' feet' in diameter, with a depth ratio of 4:1.

It passed slightly out of view behind some trees, went Smith’s deposition, to which he swore under the Canada Evidence Act, then reappeared and hovered in the open sky, and something of a much smaller size fell from the craft.

In the 25 seconds the object was in view, Smith remember the loaded camera in his pack. I took 2 pictures of this strange craft and swear, no other humans were in that area and no camera trickery was involved, he stated.

Hynek, who flew over the site with Smith, found no evidence of a hoax in his investigation.

The measurements, sizes, distances and angles of elevation are internally consistent and agree with the observed testimony of the witnesses.

The Condon Committee analysis stated that based on the data reported, the object would have had a diameter of 35+ or 14' feet' and a thickness of 8+ or 3'.

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