Felt A Strong Wind And A Loud Noise

Felt A Strong Wind And A Loud Noise

Date: March - 1930

Location: Near Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain

Manuel Gimenez Junquera, a goat shepherd, and other men of the same occupation, were out in the hills of the city, when they prompyly felt a strong wind and a loud noise.

It was mid day and the weather was good, but it seemed to them that a whirlwind was approaching.

The goats panicked and the men crouched down in the grass.

Over their heads there passed a round object, made of something like glass, which emitted strong jets of air from underneath, sending the dust of the ground up in swirls as it moved.

The object looked like 2 soup plates stuck together with many windows around the edge.

It was around 50' in diameter.

After flying over the young men it landed near to where Manuel was hiding.

2 beings of great stature came out of the object.

After 15 minutes, which passed very slowly for the witnesses, the beings returned to their craft, the object lifted off the ground and flew away.

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