Observance Of 1 Large & 2 Smaller UFOs

Observance Of 1 Large & 2 Smaller UFOs

Date: February 15, 1954

Location: Burney, CA

A young lady and myself were parked at a lake front in early evening.

I saw the UFO high above on the far side of lake.

In an attempt to be rational I asked the young lady if she saw anything in the sky.

She said that she did.

I then asked her not to tell me anything she was observing, so we would not influence each other.

We observed one large saucer and soon 2 more small ones.

The smaller UFOs were maneuvering in and out toward the big UFO as if they were in a refueling process.

Soon one of the small UFOs went over the horizon and the other went straight up and disappeared.

The large UFO then went through a series of amazing maneuvers from hovering to amazing speeds back and forth and up and down.

Then the UFO started appearing larger and larger until about the size of a football field and directly over my car.


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