Slow Moving Craft Observed

Slow Moving Craft Observed

Date: June 30, 1957

Location: Burlington, IA

I was out on my patio watching our daughter play in the yard. A line of decorative trees bordered our property.

This silver gray circular object appeared over the trees at an unknown height.

It appeared to be very high, but extremely visible against the clear sky.

I watched as it came overhead. At this point I called out to a neighbor to look.

It was not drifting as a weather balloon would do. Rather, it was straight line movement.

Before the neighbor could position himself to observe it made an abrupt angle turn and vanished within 5 seconds. Previously it was at a very slow rate of travel.

When another neighbor came home I told him of the event. He suggested I report it to the Weather Bureau at the Burlington airport.

I did so, and the person on duty suggested I report it to the Naval Observatory.

Even with the telephone number given I did not report it. I was reluctant to even call the airport, so I just dropped the event.

If it happened today I wouldn't hesitate as there are now so many believers.

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