Precise Movements Of A Craft Observing Large Tank

Precise Movements Of A Craft Observing Large Tank

Date: September 5, 1960

Location: Buffalo, NY

I was born in 1945, when I was 15 years old I witnessed something, along with a friend, that I still can't explain.

This has been on my mind for all these many years, I think it was a UFO.

Somewhere in the early, cool autumn eve, while sitting outside talking, my friend and I noticed an object in the sky.

As the crow flies it was about a ½ mile away at the side of a large natural gas storage tank.

It was silent and to my amazement it was all aglow and it seemed from where I stood that if there were molecules they were swirling around it.

I think it was some kind of energy, it didn't appear overly large, maybe 20' in length or so.

It hovered at the side of the tank, moved horizontally then it moved straight up to the top of the tank, and then at the top of the tank it moved a small bit horizontally again.

It hovered and then shot straight up into the night sky and disappeared.

It surprised me due to the precise movements it made, almost angular.

My friend ran home frightened but I was just in awe.

To this day I wonder what I saw.

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