Bass Strait Sighting

Bass Strait Sighting

Date: February - 1944

Location: Bass Strait, Australia

Mr. T.R.H. Royal was piloting a Beaufort bomber over Bass Strait at 4,500' altitude when the crew saw a dark shape pull alongside the plane and pace it at a distance of about 100'.

Only about 15' of the rear end of the UFO was visible to the bomber crew, apparently due to reflection of the light from the exhaust, and belched flames from its rear end.

The object paced the bomber for about 18 to 20 minutes, during which time all radio and direction finding instruments on the plane malfunctioned.

Finally the object accelerated and sped away at approximately 3 times the speed of the bomber.

Upon landing the pilot reported the incident to his base superiors, but he claimed he was only laughed at.

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