Large Circular Craft Hovering

Large Circular Craft Hovering

Date: August 1, 1948

Location: Brooklyn, New York City, NY

A round overing craft over neighbors roof, emitting a roaring sound, observed fire like a jet engine beneath.

At around 2:00 a.m. my mother woke the family up and told us to look out her bedroom window.

All our bedrooms were on the second story of our house.

My sister and I and my Father and Mother saw a large circular craft hovering over the house across the street.

The craft was about 25' above the roof of the neighbors house.

It was about the width of the house approximately 30' across the base.

I could look up into the craft and it was like the fire of a jet engine, roaring red & blue flame.

It emitted a sound like a jet engine as it hovered.

I watched it hover for a couple minutes.

It then rose vertically for about 40' and then moved horizontally to the left and slowly gained speed travelling horizontally for about 1,000'.

After about 1,000' on the horizontal it gained speed and altitude and was just a fast moving speck disappearing into the night in a matter of a few seconds.

I cannot figure out to this day what it was.

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