Huge Round Silver Disk Hovering

Huge Round Silver Disk Hovering

January 8, 1946

Location: Brooklyn, New York City, NY

Huge round silver disk hovering over neighbors house, writing on disk and roaring fire from disk

At about 2:00 a.m. in Brooklyn about 1946 my sister came to my room and woke me.

She was very excited and said there was a big object across the street hovering over the neighbors house.

It was about 40' to the neighbors house and the object was about 50' above it.

And it was roaring like a jet with fire coming out the center of the silver metal disk.

There was writing like arabic or hieroglyphics around the sides of the disk.

It hovered about 5 minutes then with a roar ascended to about 100' and stopped, then gained speed on a horizontal plane and disappeared very fast.

There were 3 witnesses, myself, I now live in Califonia and am 73, my sister who lives in New York and is 70, and my mother who is 92 and also lives in Califonia.

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