Encounter With 2 Humanoids

Encounter With 2 Humanoids

Date: April 4, 1958

Location: Brookline, MA

Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind In the spring of 1958 while living in Brookline, MA.

When I was 12 years old, I encountered what I have come to understand were 2 alien beings.

They had perfectly normal looking humanoid bodies but what happened was not normal.

I was walking up a rather steep hill to my home after school.

I saw a tall man, about 6'2", looked to weigh about 200#.

He was well built & bald, dressed like a chauffeur in a black, closely fitting coat, black pants and some kind of black boot/shoes.

He was standing on the street in front of a parked car, the hood was up and he was looking inside at the engine.

I was curious, so I stopped to watch.

What are you doing? I asked.

None of your business, he replied rather antagonistically, Go on your way.

I got the idea he was German, as he had a very slight accent.

But his remark, being unfriendly, irritated me, and since this was my neighborhood, I didn't want to leave right away.

I wanted to watch, so, I stayed, watching him and noticed that he wasn't making any progress with whatever was the matter of the car.

After about 3 or 4 minutes, I turned my head and noticed there was a man sitting in the back seat, somewhat next to the window.

This car had suicide doors, I am not very familiar with the various makes of cars, but this looked like it might be a Mercedes Benz, not the kind of car one would usually see in my neighborhood in those days.

Just as I was getting ready to go on my way after all, the man in the back seat started to get out of the car.

The back door to the car had been open the whole time but I hadn't been paying it any attention.

This man was wearing a brown suit, brown shirt, brown tie and a brown bowler hat.

He was quite fat, maybe 5'8" tall, at least 250# or more, he reminded me of the Wimpy hamburger character.

I was standing about 3' away from the car doors when he opened up the door to the back seat.

I could see that this man in the back seat of the car was having trouble getting himself off the seat and onto the sidewalk.

And here is where it gets Totally Strange, instead of stepping out and standing up, he seemed to have no strength in his legs, so his body started to fall, to collapse into the space between the side of the car and the sidewalk.

But the way he fell was unbelievable, slowly, very slowly. It took him so long, it seemed as though he wasn't being affected by gravity.

He fell so slowly I actually glanced at my watch and then went back to watching him collapse and he was still falling.

It took him several minutes, at least, to fall down.

As far as I knew, that kind of slow motion happens in Hollywood movies, but not in real life.

I asked this man if he wanted some help, although I was much smaller than him and didn't know if I could do any good.

He shook his head in reply.

That's when the man standing by the car engine told me that he didn't need any help.

That's when I got nervous about who these men were and decided it was time for me to get going, and fast.

However, for some reason, I replied that I was going to tell my mother about you.

He replied that no one will ever believe you.

And that's when I realized that for this final remark, he used mental telepathy because his mouth definitely wasn't moving.

I immediately left and continued walking up the hill to home.

When I got home, I told my mother what I had seen, and she, being a practical person, definitely did not believe me.

She told me not to be ridiculous, that I had misunderstood what I had seen.

For years after that I actually had trouble being believed when I had some kind of trouble.

The spell was broken when I had an upset with my middle brother.

I was telling the mediator of this situation what was going on and he didn't believe me and my brother said my sister is not a liar. I believe her.

I immediately thought back to that man telling me no one will believe you, and realized I had been carrying his curse, shall we say, for several decades.

I recognized a sense of relief and release immediately.

When I filled out the report form, I said the spacecraft was rectangular.

I had to fill in something, but it wasn't a spacecraft of any kind, it was an automobile.

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