I Have Told Only 2 People In My Life About This Experience

I Have Told Only 2 People In My Life About This Experience

Date: March 1, 1959

Location: New York City, Bronx, NY

I have told only 2 people in my life about this experience, i was 4 or 5 years old when this happened to me, living in the Bronx NY.

One night my father was going to work I was in my bed and could hear my mother speaking to him at the door.

Something picked me up and sat in what I thought was a chair, but there weren't any chairs in the bedroom, it sat there with me in its lap.

I know it wasn't my mother or father they were at the door as I could hear them.

I became afraid because the only people lived in that apartment were me, mom & dad.

Anyway I felt its skin on my thighs and arms, being a child I slept in underwear and tee-shirt.

Its skin was like a slim Jim, beef stick.

Years later this is the only thing I could associate with the texture of the skin and dark brown.

It was not male nor female, skinny, small oval shaped head, large black eyes in over sized sockets.

I didn't see a mouth, now my eyes were opened, but I was calm, no fear.

I woke up that morning Sun shining,

I never spoke of it until I was 38 years old.

However I do have the ability to see things and places that I have never been before but can describe them.

Once when I worked at a plasma center a client had lost his ring, I told him to go home and look on the floor behind a nightstand in his bedroom.

I just said it, he came back and asked me how I knew.

I am 58 years old now, family and friends say that I don't age.

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