Bridgewater Triangle UFO

Bridgewater Triangle UFO

Date: March 23, 1979

Location: West Bridgewater, MA

The radio reporter, now a television reporter in North Carolina, Steve Sbraccia said he hadn't really talked about what happened to him and then fellow Boston radio reporter Jerry Lopes on March 23, 1979.

After a long day at work, in the same car, they were heading to the Raynham dog track, coming down Route 24 where it meets Route 106 in West Bridgewater.

And I was driving and I said to Jerry:

Ah gee, you see that?

As we're getting off the exit, Sbraccia said:

It's a strange object in the sky. It looked like sort of a baseball home plate.

We noticed a couple of other automobiles pulled off the side of the road, and we decided to do the same thing, Sbraccia said.

To get a good view of the thing, I had to get out of the passenger side and stand next to the vehicle. And when I did, we saw this, this, this thing coming at us with this very bright light very much like this.

And it passed directly overhead. It was as big as 3 Boeing 707s, wingtip to wingtip. It hovered for a couple of minutes, and then took off.

If that first close encounter wasn't bizarre enough for Steve and Jerry, and apparently many others along where Route 24 meets Route 106, then continue reading.

Sbraccia at the time lived in Newton, MA., about 30 miles away, and Jerry, about 20 miles away in Braintree, MA.

It was about 10:00 p.m., and I was out jogging, and I saw the, I saw the same thing again.

Now, I'm figuring at this point I must be crazy. I must be. How could I see the same thing within 2 days? Sbraccia said.

Steve called Jerry.

Flash forward 2 more days from that, and he is coming back from a friend's house. It's about 2:30 a.m., he sees the same thing. He sees the light and so forth.

But Jerry, because he was mobile and because he was in an urban area, he was able to get to the Braintree police station.

He goes into the police station, he talks to the police officers and drags 3 of them out to the parking lot of the police station, and the 4 of them sit there and observe the thing, Sbraccia said.

A reporter for The Enterprise of Brockton picked up the story and discovered that 2 credible radio news reporters weren't the only ones who saw this thing.

Steve and Jerry started digging deeper. They checked with nearby Air Force and Navy bases.

The FAA, no radar returns. Logan Airport in Boston, no radar returns. That bothered us tremendously Sbraccia said.

And that was that. Until a few years later, it was revealed the U.S. had stealth technology, the ability to hide aircraft from radar. Its development went back to 1977.

One of the thoughts I had was:

Hey, maybe this was some kind of stealth technology that we have.

The problem that I have with that is the shape and the size of the object. It doesn't look like anything that we still are flying right now even with stealth technology, Sbraccia said.

Then in 1990, mass UFO sightings over Belgium, 13,000 reports in all, caught Sbraccia's eye. The Belgium sighting however, was proven to be a hoax.

Several photographs of it were taken, Sbraccia said.

This is a thing that's almost identical to what we saw. If you look very closely, there's that triangle shape, there's the home plate shape.

What if it is ours and the public just doesn't know about it? Why would they be flying it over Route 24 in Raynham? Why would they be flying it all over Europe, which would get all the public in a tizzy? Sbraccia questioned.

Is it a UFO from another star system? I don't know. Is it something interdimensional? I don't know. Is it a time machine? I don't know.

I still don't know what it was, Sbraccia said.

Even if like 5% of the stuff is real and the other 95% is fake or hoax, 5% is still a lot.

Billions of stars, billions of galaxies, Maybe we're being visited. Maybe we're a test lab somewhere, Sbraccia said.

All I know is that it was something different, something unique, and something that I can't fully explain.

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