Brazil UFO Events

Brazil UFO Events

Date: May - 1986

Location: Brazil

The Official Night of UFOs in Brazil, at least 21 confirmed UFOs were seen and detected by military and civilians.

Most were 100' in size, some were 300' in size.

One giant object was chased by a civilian aircraft controlled by an Air Force colonel. The giant object was 1 mile in size.

Armed jets were scrambled to pursue the phenomena which displayed intelligent behavior by avoiding the fighters and inflicting interference with the controls of the jet.

Air Force did a report and press conference about it, both available to the public.

2014 wave of UFO attacks that occurred on indigenous tribes of the Amazon. One of the documents report a silver craft that landed in the center of a tribe and shot light beams that injured many and killed a pregnant woman.

Investigations were done by the PolÝcia Federal, Brazil's FBI, and concluded that although they cannot confirm the veracity of the facts, the social and cultural effects it had on the tribes were so deep that changed their daily habits and rituals.

1957 - Naval officers and whole ship crew on leave saw a discoid craft appear from the ocean near Rio de Janeiro, circled around them many times until it returned to the sea. Three pictures were made before the end of the phenomenon.

Classified Naval documents were later revealed with further information.

CapŃo Redondo Case 1998 - Video footage of a drone or probe like phenomena videotaped flying through an urban area.

Abduction of Manemuašu January 20, 1558 - The brother of a native chieftain disappeared. After an extensive search for rescue, he was not found and was declared dead. 11 days later, he was found dozen of miles from where he disappeared. He reappeared beaten and scarred, very frail and stating that:

Weird men took control of him, took him somewhere indescribable and did evil things to him.

He died a few weeks later, always saying that Devils lashed his body.

Ubatuba Case Exploding UFO in 1957 - A fast traveling object was seen flying towards the ocean, but took a sharp turn towards the sky and exploded above the sea.

Fragments of the UFO were scattered all over the nearby beach and nearby houses/streets. Many were collected.

Contemporary analysis have been done, extremely high concentration of magnesium of purety unmatched in natural form, with also many unidentified minerals. Such magnesium isotope would only be achievable naturally in obscene universal heat, such as supernovas. There are no means for it to naturally occur in the solar system.

Abduction of the Caiana family, September of 2000 - A family of 4 was abducted by a light in the sky, that lifted their car while they were driving to return home.

After a few moments of despair inside a strange place, the car was put back down, and they went straight to the local hospital were they displayed strange symptoms of anxiety.

Under regressive hypnosis, they commented about grey beings that separated them and did medical experiments with all of them, including a 4 year old and a 12 year old.

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