Brandenburg Sighting

Brandenburg Sighting

Date: May, 22, 2006

Location: Falkensee, Brandenburg, Germany

I had slept by my girlfriend. And she has got a window on the roof.

We had look in the sky and visit the clear night with the stars.

Then, some clouds made the stars unseen.

My Girlfriend says to me:

Oh, look some clouds cover the sky.

I look up and and this moment a unidentified flying object flies over our roof.

The night was dark, but this thing was a little bit brighter. On the sides, you seen some little lights. But not bright, it looks like a bioluminescent light also seen by fishes in the deep sea.

I think it was about 25 mph. But, we had open the window but we can't hear anything. This object did make some sounds. It was very noisy.

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