We Ran Up The Road To Take A Closer Look

We Ran Up The Road To Take A Closer Look

Date: March 1, 1961

Location: Bracknell, Berkshire, England

I was born in Bracknell in 1961, I had an experience in 1968.

One school morning I was waiting for my friend Mark, but he was a little late, eventually he turned up and we made our way to school.

The streets were quiet back then and all the kids were presumably at school.

As we turned the corner I saw something glint in the sky and we ran up the road to take a closer look.

We came to a lamppost, the inspection door was slid down.

There was a strange electrical smell which I now no to be ozone.

I looked up and there were 2 greyish silver disks in a stepped formation the highest craft had a long tube coming from it connecting to the lower craft, the lower craft had a long tube coming from it going to the lamp post.

Mark & I were looking and waving, there was no noise just sitting there in the sky quite low down.

Eventually a skinny blonde haired woman came along with 2 little girls who saw the craft, she looked frightened and ushered the girls on in a hurry.

My friend mark said we better go otherwise we are going to be late for school, I replied I wanted to stay and look at these things.

Mark walked off and I saw him walk around the corner, that's when I felt panicky.

I called after him and ran round the corner, he was nowhere to be seen.

So I carried on walking to school, looking back to see if the craft were still in the sky.

When I arrived at school, my teacher told me off for being late.

I looked over at Mark, and he had completed an activity.

On the way home from school the inspection door was completely off the lamppost, and I could see everything was burnt out.

Next day the council removed the lamppost and put a new one up on the other side of the road.

After this event I started suffering from panic attacks and remembered things that happened during my missing time.

I remember being in the highest craft with a female entity, she showed me a device that looked like a TV with rounded corners.

On the TV I was shown a clip of destruction and death.

Whilst in the craft the female! entity summoned me over the far side of the craft, she made a far gesture and something like a big window appeared like the side of the craft was transparent.

I hesitated as I thought she might push me out.

She reassured me, and I went over she pointed outside and said your house, I could see the roof of my house.

I kind of remember being transported back to the ground.

The female entity was small and thin, she wore a one piece hoody, but the face is blocked out.

At some point I must of been in the presence of these entities another time.

I remember being on a craft with them I was told I had to go as they were being intercepted.

I didn't understand what intercepted meant as I as just a kid, but could tell she was getting irritable with me because there was a sense of urgency, obviously there is more to this account than what I have mentioned as there are blocks.

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