Lights Out

Lights Out

Date: 1969

Location: Boulder, CO

On a weekend trip to Boulder, CO, in 1969, a young member of the Air Force was in bed when his motel room darkened without warning.

Followed by a bright flash of light.

The next day, he realized his ½" long hair was now almost 2" long, a mystery that his roommate totally freaked out about when he returned to the base in Aurora, CO.

He wasn't sure what to think of my story, but did realize there was glaring physical evidence, the airman recalled.

Though he didn't remember anything else from that night, he speculated in his report that he had been abducted. and presumably taken to a place where time passes more quickly than it does on Earth.

I still have trouble remembering many things, as it has always been very foggy since that time, he said.

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