Returning Home From A Movie

Returning Home From A Movie

Date: July 15, 1949

Location: Booneville, MS

Returning home from a movie, we witnessed a large craft about 75 yards behind our house, hovering silently about 100' high.

The craft displayed no definite shape, multicolored lights ran around the outside edge, therefore, it could have been spherical, ovoid, or saucer shaped. It did not move and no sound was audible. We watched for about an hour, and as I became agitated, Dad sent Mom and me to bed.

The next morning on arising, I ran outside to see it, but it was gone.

Dad said he had watched ir for 3 or 4 hours and finally came to bed. Dad was 28 and a radio repairman, Mom was 24, a factory worker, and I was about 7 years of age.

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