Bonners Ferry Sighting

Bonners Ferry Sighting

Date: August, 26, 2006

Location: Bonners Ferry, ID

My girlfriend and myself were on our way back down Pyramid Lake Road way up in the mountains.

When we reached the bottom we were located 8 miles away from the town of Bonners Ferry, we were at the farthest part of the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge way back in the refuge where theres a open marshland and mountains, very secluded.

It was about 11:00 p.m. and I decided to pull over to talk to my girlfriend and look at the very open view of the stars.

We were talking when out of the blue my girlfriend notices a hover glowing object, this one was red.

We were frightened because we were way back in the refuge, and its very secluded.

We started to watch the object when more glowing balls of light appeared.

A total of 8 where present in the area, most of them moving around in the marsh area deep in the open refuge.

I decided to be brave and started flashing the objects with my headlights.

They couldnít have been cars, houses or any other objects because they were in the middle of the wildlife refuge, which is all swamp mud.

We were scared as could be, but I wasnít about to leave because I'm very curious and wanted answers as to what the Hell I was seeing.

I kept flashing the objects and they knew we were there.

It was insane the things they where doing, things got very strange and downright unnerving.

I heard aliens could read your mind so I tested the theory, and to my disbelief it worked.

What I tried next, there where 4 green balls of light circular in shape and 4 red objects circular as well.

There where 2 in general that where very active flying all around, 1 red & 1 green.

I asked the closest green orb that was actively hover around in the the marsh, ¼ of a mile away my guess, to move to the right if it could hear me.

To my disbelief as soon as I said Mr. Green, I named him and the red one, move right it did.

I was floored because I was a skeptic and am a rational person, and couldnít believe it.

I looked at my girlfriend and said:

No way that just happened, I was scared at this point.

I thought it might be coincidence so I kept telling the active green UFO, Mr. Green I called it, and the active red UFO Mr. Red I called it, to move left right up down towards us and to my disbelief 30/30 times I asked either objects to move a certain way they would.

I was really shocked and it made me feel strange to know it wasnít coincidence that every time I asked them to do something they would.

My girlfriend was stunned cause the whole time I was asking them to move left right up or down they would move almost before I was done asking them to do certain things.

It killed my rational explanation.

I then asked Mr. Red to light up real bright for us, so my girlfriend would have no doubts that they were listening.

Sure enough right after I asked Mr. Red to light up if it could hear us it sure as Hell lit up and its shape changed as it lit up super bright red.

We couldnít believe what we were seeing and still can't.

Its shape changed from circular to to a kinda flatish elongated shape when it lit up super bright red unlike anything Iíve ever seen.

This continued until the next morning.

We sat there all night stunned.

For about 9 hours they were there.

When it started getting light they moved from the refuge to the nearest mountain.

There were still 4 I could see, I then pulled out my binoculars I was shocked at what I saw as my jaw just dropped.

Through the binoculars I could see the red object that was lighting up earlier in the night, it was no longer red it was lights off and plain as day still.

It was a huge ship I was seeing through my binoculars, along with 2 green UFOs hovering to either side of it.

I now couldnít pass this off anymore as maybe just lights of an Earthly kind, it was a huge friggen ship looked like 2 liquid metal cigar shaped blimps facing each other connected at the bottom with what looked like an upside down liquid metal arch.

It was huge like 2 blimps attached, it was a mirror like looking silver color it seemed unreal how it reflected light.

The green objects I could now see also through my binoculars.

They were very strange because they looked almost like liquid, kinda like how predator on the movie, cloaks they looked cloaked and where hard to see other than the surge of green light they omitted they looked like reflections on water they, were hard to see but I could see them.

Still the ship I saw was starting to descend into the trees like it was gonna hide itself in the trees on the mountain.

The other UFOs were hidden as well, like they knew it was time to hide cause of daylight.

We tried to get closer to the mountain, but by the time we got closer and I looked where the ship looked like it was landing, they were gone.

We took 17 pictures and, isnít this strange?

All the photos that I took of the red UFOs glowing bright in the morning and all the others we took at night where missing in our photos when we got them back.

We got all our other photos but all 17 we took of the UFOs where missing, it's very disheartening to me cause that was my proof.

Now people Iíve told think weíre probably nuts.

Its all very strange and I want to have answers as to what it was we encountered for 10 hours straight.

I believe it is still going on out there at the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge near Bonners Ferry, ID.

Its way in the very back of the refuge and its a perfect spot to test alien craft.

I believe its our government with alien technology as well as maybe some aliens themselves because thereís no way that 30/30 times I asked the craft to move, light up, or come towards us go up, down, left or right.

Is coincidence, they where toying with us and unless our government has some really crazy powers I feel we were dealing with beings, aliens, showing the other crafts which,I believe was our government.

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