Looked Like A Huge Ball Of Fire

Looked Like A Huge Ball Of Fire

Date: February 2, 1932

Location: Boise, ID

I was at my parents house this evening we were doing dinner and a movie nothing out of the normal for a Sunday evening for us.

Or at least until my dad went out back to put his hens in for the night.

He came back in The back door and called my name.

I got up and ran to the back door, and as I got to the back door I could see orange light lighting up our back yard and the neighbors all the way out to the alley.

Then I saw my father pointing up and as I looked up.

I saw what appeared to be a big ball of fire approximately 30' to 35' overhead, it than began heading East through the trees and gaining altitude as it put distance between us and it fast as it got farther the orb started to look like a cross then j ust vanished we have no idea what we just saw.

It made no sound and if you held it next to the Moon it was easily ⅓ the size if not ⅓.

The weird thing is our dogs acted like nothing was going on.

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