Large Mining UFO Mining Resources On Earth

Large Mining UFO Mining Resources On Earth

Date: June 1, 1967

Location: Boise, ID

Was at girls slumber party summer of 1967.

Sleeping on the grass. All the girls except one stayed out with me, it got too cold for the rest so they retreated to the family room.

All I remeber was talking about all the stars, and how we are ants in an aquarium for others to watch. We decided to go into the house, and get a drink.

My companion and I looked out the window and spotted the spherical ship, it was gray metallic in color, with a set of circular cube lights on top. The squares on the top were large and one blinked on and then the next. They were multiple colors.

It gave the ship the appearence that it was spinning, but it was not. One light would go on and then the next in a sequence around the ship.

My friend and I went out on the porch to look at it. I was amazed at how large it was. I would have to guess about 3 football fields.

Some of the other girls looked but freaked when they saw it. I stood on the porch and watched, when an extremely intense blue/white light came from the center, bottom of the ship and hit the ground.

We all became frighted after that and hid in the house. We told our parents the next day, but no one believed us, we were only 14 at the time.

We did report it to the Air Force, and police, but no response.

The part that scared me the most was the small spheres of light that came to my window 2 summers after I had seen the UFO. I knew they wanted me to come out, but I was so scared I hid.

I have since ran into people that have similar experiences, especially the glowing balls outside their window that seem to becon one to come with it.

I also remember knowing somehow that this ship was a mining ship and that it was mining quaritze crystals.

I remember telling my mom to buy all the quaritze she could find because it would be very valuable some day. I also remember that there may have been missing time envoled, but I have never found anyone that could do regressive hypnosysis. I would like to try again, and see the most fantastic thing I have ever seen. It truly changed by life

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