Lights In The Distance

Lights In The Distance

Date: March 15, 1971

Location: Bogota, Colombia

I was 11 years of age at the time spending a year with my father. The whole family was home when I was upstairs on the terrace with my telescope over looking the Andean mountains.

I saw lights in the distance and decided to see if I could track the objects the strange appearance of rotating colors from the diamond shaped objects had me mesmerized. My father and brother said not to bother any further, yet I could not stop looking till they floated over the high horizon of the moutain range.

To this day I have wondered if the family had been visited by aliens. The fact that we lived at an isolated area away from the city and neighbors.

I have repeatedly asked my family about the incident. They admit to the strange occurence being a weather balloon or discounting the whole event all together.

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