Mystery Disk

Mystery Disk

Date: November 4, 1970

Location: Boggabri, New South Wales, Australia

Mystery disk siting at on property called Bungalow Australia, 11 miles out of Boggabri.

Sighting was noticed by tractor when plowing heavy black soil in center of paddock in preparation for sowing wheat.

Size of circular disk approximately 7' diameter. Sharp cylindrical holes 45º about 22" deep with one cone shape hole in center about 12" deep.

This soil when dry is cement hard and no irrigational or farm tool could be capable of making such a hole which appears glazed, glasslike and smooth inside. Photos of these holes were made 7 days after sighting after heavy rain had caused crumbling of the soil around edges of the disk area.

Other sitings were seen up in Tully, Queensland, Australia.

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