Red Bluff Incident

Red Bluff Incident

Date: August 13, 1960

Location: Red Bluff, CA

It all began at 10:05 p.m., when Deputy Sheriff Clarence Fry of Red Bluff observed a large glowing object over the Red Bluff prison.

2 hours later, 2 other patrol officers observed a large glowing object hovering 200' above their vehicle.

The officers alerted neighboring sheriff's stations and took off chasing the object.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officers in numerous other cities encompassing Willow Creek, Concord, Corning, Eureka, Pleasant Hill, Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, Roseville, Mineral, Dunsmuir, Honeydew & Redlands, also observed the same or different objects.

At the same time, hundreds of calls poured in from citizens.

California Highway Patrol Officers Charles A. Carson & Stanley Scott were patrolling on Hoag Road, East of Corning, CA when they saw what looked like a huge airliner descending from the sky in front of them.

Thinking that a plane was about to crash, they stopped and got out of the car to get a better look.

They watched as the object descended in complete silence to about 100' to 200' from the ground, then reversed and climbed back to about 500' from the ground and stopped.

Officer Carson described it in a police teletype report:

At this time it was clearly visible to both of us.

It was surrounded by a glow making the round or oblong object visible.

At each end, or each side of the object, there were definite red lights.

At times about 5 white lights were visible between the red lights.

As we watched, the object moved again and performed aerial feats that were actually unbelievable.

The officers radioed the Tehama County Sheriff's Office and asked Deputy Clarence Fry to contact the local Air Force radar station at Red Bluff.

Deputy Fry reported back that the radar station verified that an unidentified object was visible on radar.

On 2 occasions the object came directly towards the patrol vehicle, each time it approached, the object turned, swept the area with a huge red light.

Officer Scott turned the red light on the patrol vehicle towards the object, and it immediately went away from them.

We observed the object use the red beam approximately 6 or 7 times, sweeping the sky and ground areas.

The object then began to move slowly to the East, and the officers followed.

When they had reached the Vina Plains Fire Station, the object was approached by a 2nd object that came from the South.

The second object moved near to the first and both stopped and hovered for some time, occasionally emitting red beams.

After a time, both objects vanished below the eastern horizon.

They had observed the first object for a total of about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

When they returned to the Tehama County Sheriff's Office, they found that the object had also been seen by Deputies Fry & Montgomery, as well as by the night jailer.

All described the same thing.

The following day, officers Carson & Scott drove to the Red Bluff Air Station to discuss the sighting and to speak to the operator that had seen it on radar.

The Air Force, however, now denied that the object had been seen on radar, contradicting what the radar operator had told Deputy Fry the night before.

The visit was completely unproductive.

We made several attempts to follow it, or I should say get closer to it.

But the object seemed aware of us and we were more successful remaining motionless and allow it to approach us, which it did on several occasions.

Each time the object neared us, we experienced radio interference.

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