7 Aboard Transport Plane See UFO

7 Aboard Transport Plane See UFO

Date Reported: January 24, 1950

Location: Near Blackstone, VA

3 Pentagon officials, 2 USAF combat flying officers, pilot Captain. G.B. Edwards and copilot Captain Theron C. Fehrevach flying C-45 transport aircraft heading 26° at 5,000' saw a dark 200' to 250' diameter hemispherical parachute shaped or B-35 flying wing shaped object at about 20° azimuth at about 7,000' about 5 or 10 miles away with a large black smoke region below it almost looking like a large suspended black object about 3x the object's diameter, possibly obscuring a lower portion of a sphere instead of the object being just an upper hemisphere.

UFO was darker than the 50% cloud cover and easy to distinguish as not being a cloud.

Object moved smoothly horizontally to the right to about 32° azimuth at about 300+ mph then back again without any noticeable turn radius.

Edwards put the C-45 into a climb to 7,000' so they would be on the same height level as the UFO and turned left slightly to 20° to head directly toward it.

Army Courier Service passenger First lieutenant John H. Van Santen was alerted by Fehrevach and now also saw the object move right then left by 12° again, then they all saw the object recede at high speed radically away and disappear [at possibly 6,000 mph to reduce angular size below visual resolution by increasing distance at least 200 miles in About 1½ minutes later object reappeared about 30° to 45° to the right of their heading at the same level but at a greater distance, stationary in position, then oscillating or wiggling about that position horizontally right to left about 1 to 1½x object's width.

Object moved horizontally to dead ahead again and disappeared by receding in the distance at high speed.

The ball was observed by 3 witnesses for over 15 minutes.

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