Bright, Star Like Object Doubles In Size

Bright, Star Like Object Doubles In Size

Date: August 15, 1968

Location: Bjursas, Falun Municipality, Dalarna County, Sweden

I and 3 friend was chit chatting outside a country store late one night, when my friend pointed to the sky, telling us to look at a bright, starlike object howering high in the North sky. We saw the object flaring up to double its size, approximately ¼ the size of the Moon.

Out popped a second object, moved a short distance away from object one. A arc weld like beam attached between both objects, then the second objects popped back to the first object, and once again popped out. The second object moved 4 fingers away, and stopped suddenly. A third object came travelling from East, and stopped a 10 finger distance from the first object.

The second object then began zig zagging around first object and moved upward, between first and third object. The second object continued West over the sky, passing across the Big Dipper. The first object took off south, and the third object returned East, where it originally came from. This took approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

We biked to our friends home and got a binocular, and my friend said he could see the second object which was going west, disappear behind a few clouds on a otherwise clear and bright night sky. This took place within 20 minutes.

After this experience, I biked home on a lonely country highway. Very frightened. At one point I could feel electricity in the air around me. I bet my hair was charged up on top of my head. I just took one short look at a bright star on the sky in front of me biking South, but was to scared to look again.

Years after, I still have a funny feeling about the time it took to bike home, It should only taken approximately 10 minutes, still when I came home I woke my sisters and parents, to tell about the sighting, it was well past midnight.

Still, years after this sighting, I have dreams about aliens. and UFOs. It certainly affected me, making me open minded, about the unknown.

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