2 Craft Flew Over and Landed

2 Craft Flew Over and Landed

Date: December 31, 1967

Location: Bithlo, FL

While visiting relatives in Bithlo, FL., Bithlo is about halfway between Orlando and the Cape.

I watched a UFO glide over mobile home without sound. It was joined by another craft that came from another angle.

Both crafts landed in a remote area less than ¼ mile from the mobile home. Moments later, a formation of helicopters and 2 jets began flying over the general area of where the two crafts had landed.

After about 10 minutes, the choppers and jets left, which I thought was rather odd.

At approximately 1:50 a.m. New Yearís Eve one of the UFOs started rising from the location that it had landed, then the eastern skyline exploded with a brilliant whitish, orange color. A Minuteman missiles was launched.

The UFO then moved near the rising missile then the UFO fell like a falling leaf, then it zipped to the right and vanished.

I never did see the second craft leave.

That incredible event was only the beginning of numerous sightings/encounters that I personally witnessed beginning February 13, 1968 and ended September 15 of same year.

The Apollo program was underway. I witnessed numerous sightings near a lake, involving a craft and a dark sedan.

I had 2 other witnesses with me that night. I kept a journal of the 32 sightings that I personally witnessed.

The first on December 31, 1967 and the most current one May 24, 2002.

I graduated from high school, did a 4 year hitch in the Navy. I worked for Bendix Corporation during the Apollo program. I am now semi retired. I am currently writing a book about the UFO experiences that I had.

I donít believe that UFOs exist. I know they exist.

What I saw was unidentified but definitely extraterrestrial. Iíve been told that our military has things flying around up there that are fantastic but what I saw didnít belong to us.

I didnít take any pictures of the sightings that I had but I have made graphic depictions of those sightings. Because the sightings happened at night or shortly after dusk, I had to use the star field at night background. I did this to provide as much realism as I could.

I lightened the image slightly, so the picture can be seen, but that night was so dark, the only thing I detected was the amber orb initially.

Report submitted to Coast to Coast AM:

In 1967, I was working for Bendix Corporation. I was 27 then.

The Bendix Logistics department, the machine shop and the electrical shops were located, and may still be, on the southwest side of the VAB, Vehicle Assembly Building.

Launch Complex 39, Pads A & B for the huge Apollo/Saturn V rockets that launched American astronauts to their historic journeys to the Moon and back stood like giant sentinels in the background.

During the 1967 Christmas holidays, my brother in law, Jon, invited me to spend New Yearís Eve weekend with his family.

At the time the Baker family lived in a mobile home on Sixth Street in Bithlo, FL. Bithlo is about 32 miles west of the Cape and was then a quiet remote area where cattle and horses grazed amongst fields of grass, dotted with hundreds of adolescent pine trees and saw palmettos.

On the evening of December 30th, Jon, my brother in law and I were standing in the kitchen sipping hot coffee, engaged in light conversation over one thing or another.

Just then, an amber flash of light spilled through the kitchen window that faced East. I reached around, flung the front door open wide and stared outside.

I thought a meteor had crashed to Earth, yet there was no impact sound.

My attention was drawn to an orange orb, about the size of a basketball. It was hovering about 100' above the roof of the mobile home and at least 100' East of the trailer.

A split second later, the orb vanished, but before it disappeared, its brilliant amber color reflected off the bottom of a silent moving metallic circular shaped object, that measured perhaps 50' to 60' in diameter.

Moments later, a beam of cone shaped red light shot out from beneath the UFO as it moved swiftly east. It was then joined by a second UFO. Both objects converged then floated like falling leaves caught on the wind as they dropped below the dark tree line in the distance and out of sight.

Moments later, Air Force jets and a formation of Apache helicopters converged on the UFO.

The choppers switched on beams of light, and searched the dark terrain below for the UFOs.

At approximately 1:50 a.m. one of the UFOs began rising from the exact location where it had landed nearly 7 hours earlier. It continued rising until its outer structure took on the appearance of a star. It just hung there in the dark, starry sky.

Then, a thunderous roar broke the eerie silence, as a Minuteman II missile climbed into the dark sky. As it initiated its arch downrange, the UFO performed an incredible display of anti gravity feats before it moved near the missile. The UFO then darted to the right, paused then zipped away.

I waited until after dawn for the second UFO to leave but it never did. If it did, I didnít notice it leaving.

The above incident was just the beginning of UFO activity that continued to happen in the remote area well into the next year.

The cycle ended oddly enough before Apollo 8, the first Apollo Moon launching.

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