Glowing Object That Seemed To Be Landing

Glowing Object That Seemed To Be Landing

Date: February 15, 1958

Location: Howell, MI

One Sunday morning, about 2:30 a.m., after hanging out with our buddies in Brighton, MI, a friend of mine and myself were walking home after hitching a ride part of the way home near Howell, MI.

We were neighbors and good friends and we both lived about 9 miles from Brighton.

Neither one of us owned a car so we would hitchhike home every time we went into town.

Anyway, as we were walking down Euler Rd. and small talking about what we had done that evening we heard a low growling or sort of rumbling noise just over the tree tops to our right.

We were just passing the Boys Camp when this occured.

We became startled and couldn't walk or talk, it stopped us dead in our tracks.

We became scared as the noise drew closer.

The ground was covered with snow and the moon was full, so it was easy to see.

A large object about the size of a small house appeared and seemed to glide over our heads from right to left.

The noise had stopped and it glided over the road and across the lake.

It was coming down by the boys camp and it looked as though it was landing.

It was gliding but had no wings or propellers and it wasn't a helicopter or airplane.

We were close enough to see clearly and it was neither.

The object looked as though the outer skin was glowing, kind of like glow in the dark toys we all had as kids.

It was illuminated from the inside but you couldn't see inside it.

We didn't see any signs of life.

I was trying to remember everything that I saw but it was hard to see exactly what I was looking at because it was so low and close to us.

It would have been easier to describe had it been a little further away.

I did notice however as it passed overhead, small bursts of fire that seemed to come from what looked like seams near the rear of the object.

It disappeared in an orchard across Kellogg Rd. and the other side of the lake by the Boys Camp.

Most people would have been sleeping at that time of morning in the country but if anyone else saw it, please let us know.

This has haunted us for years and we both would like to know what we saw that night.

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