Blue Flash

Blue Flash

Location: South of Dayton, OH

When I was living with my grandmother who didnít have working electricity in her home for many years, there was a particular night I recall, when I was awoken in a cold sweat for some reason, and as I was on my way to get some water from the kitchen there flashed the brightest faint blue light through the entire house.

The light was so bright I could see far into the woods behind her house which would usually be pitch black. Aside from fires and candles, Iíve never actually been around artificial light.

All around me it felt warm and heavy momentarily, for maybe 3 or 4 seconds total until it disappeared completely. I distinctly remember a sound deafening akin to rapid deep water submerging during those few seconds.

My grandmother never woke up, and out of a uncertain fear I never actually told her.

I stayed awake until sun up, staring into the night sky wondering what just happened.

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