UFO Witnessed By 30+

UFO Witnessed By 30+

Date: July 17, 1955

Location: Bexley, England

At noon, on King Harolds Way in Bexleyheath in the London Borough of Bexley a 30' wide saucer shaped object was seen to hover a few feet above a street in broad daylight by Margaret Fry and her doctor on a very hot cloudless day.

Car engines nearby to the object stalled. It was seen by around 30 people and made a humming noise and landed at the junction of Ashbourne Road and Whitfield Road. It hovered over Bedonwell Primary School now Bedonwell Junior School for around one minute.

It finally shot off into the sky.

Another UFO had landed a few streets away at the same time. A similar object had been seen in Bexleyheath in 1952.

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