Lights Racing Across The Sky

Lights Racing Across The Sky

Date: October 10, 1949

Location: Bexar County, TX

While stationed at Lackland AFB in the fall of 1949 I had just completed 13 weeks Basic Training while waiting final assignment.

I can remember shooting pool with fellow airman at the recreation center one night when someone called us outside to check out the UFOs.

At first we were standing looking at lights racing across the sky from horizon to horizon.

Sometimes there were 3 or 5 at the same time.

They would make 90° turns on a dime and accelerate at a tremendous speed.

We were all baffled at the speed and maneuverability that the objects were able to make.

I estimate 20 or 30 people witnessed this event with me including officers & pilots.

Some of them contacted the flightlines and eliminated to possiblity of the lights being weather balloons.

Some of the pilots estimated them to be at 20,000' or higher having a unbelievable rate of speed for being so high.

There was never any audible sound heard.

We ended up laying down on the grass watching them for about 90 minutes.

I heard the flightlines made repeated calls to Wright Patterson AFB throughout the duration of the event.

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