Possible UFO Sighting in Beverly, MA

Possible UFO Sighting in Beverly, MA.

Date: September or October 1965 or 1966

Location: Beverly, MA

I was hunting at Sally Milligan Park in Beverly, MA. It was a bright afternoon around 3:00 p.m. I was in a large open field.

I saw coming from the easterly direction, which is from the ocean, and moving westward, two objects flying side by side with no noise detected. They flew directly over me at maybe 200', and were silver cylindrical in shape with no lights and no markings. I just watched in awe as they disappeared from view.

Looking on a map, I would say they were on track for BVY, Beverly airport.

That day and the next day I looked in the paper to see if anything was reported, and when I saw nothing, I dismissed it all, but always wondered all these years should I report it anyways, because what if. I now reported it.

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