Serving Aboard The U.S.S. Mount Whitney

Serving Aboard The U.S.S. Mount Whitney

Date: October 7, 1973

Location: Beruit, Lebanon

I was serving aboard the U.S.S. Mount Whitney, during the October War between Israel, Egypt, and Seria. I was a radarman, and I reported to my chief that I was tracking a piece of video that was traveling at approximately Mach 3, or 2,300 mph. I asked him to have the Electrical Technicians check our equipment for malfunctions.

I was resposible for tracking all U.S. aircraft in the area delivering munitions to the the Israelis, and had to be sure I was doing everything I could to keep them safe, and that my radar was performing as expected. The chief had the E.T.'s check and they reported that the radars were performing at 100%.

I was still tracking this piece of video for several minutes when it suddenly stopped.

At this time we began getting reports from many ships look outs that the were seeing UFOs. As best as I can remember ther were about 8 reported UFOs.

When I asked the chief how I should report this, he said:

The official position of the U.S.Navy is that they do not exist.

You should have heard the chatter that went out over the net that night.

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