Countryside Lit Up

Countryside Lit Up

Date: 1931

Location: Berrigal Creek, New South Wales, Australia

My name is Credo Mutwa.

In the year 1931, at the age of 13, while out rabbiting one night on a property in Berrigal Creek, part of the Nandewar Ranges, I noticed the countryside lit up, as if by a yellowish moonlight, yet there was no moon.

I raised my eyes and there, low in the sky in the northwest was a round disk like object, yellowish in color, travelling South, without a sound. It was rotating slowly, travelling at a steady pace, not fast, on a dead even course with no variation in altitude.

The object, which seemed to have small flames licking over it all the while, travelled over a peak of a hill about ½ a mile away and across a gap in the hills towards a mountain almost 2,000' above sea level.

The object came to one of the peaks, went behind it and reappeared the other side and continued on to the largest peak and swooped towards the rear of it and disappeared.

At that time there wasn't any talk of flying saucers or UFOs. I heard about fireballs a little later and thought for a time it must have been one of these. However I have read some detailed reports of fireballs since, and the description doesn't fit. For one thing, it was a fine clear night with no clouds.

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