Personal Contact With An Alien

Personal Contact With An Alien

Date: June 1, 1956

Location: Belton, MO

Since I was about 6 years old and it has been a long time forgive me any discrepancies I may have in my description.

The alien was about 6' to 6'5" tall.

It was formed as a human being but with no fleshy appearance, there was a glowing light around its whole body.

I could see legs, arm, head, and body but because of the brilliance of the light around the body.

I could see no clothing as such.

However, the light was brilliant blue, as a very hot flame, but it glowed all around it to brighten up the night.

I had just stepped out to put out the trash when I noticed the figure of the being.

It seemed to be looking at a neighbors back porch light bulb.

And the reason I believed it to be so tall was because the beings head was taller than where the light has been fixed on the back door of the neighbors house.

For many years I had not told anyone about this sighting, until a friend of mine showed me a photo of a UFO he had taken in 1959, from a Kodak camera which had been hovering near his house.

He still has the photo and I will be glad to ask him to share it with you in the future.

Thank You for allowing me to share this experience with you.

Personal contact with alien tall:

6' to 6'5" tall.

Blue and white light surrounding its body shaped as a human being.

Could not identify genitalia, mouth, teeth or such.

Only the outward appearance of a human form covered with brilliant light.

I could hear a voice in my head however as if the being was trying to calm me from fear of it.

I screamed after it seemed to say not to be afraid.

My mother came to the backdoor to check on what was wrong, but when I looked at her and pointed up toward the neighbors house the being had disappeared.

Maybe it was a young childs imagination for fear of the dark.

But there is one sure thing I can say about the encounter.

It left me with a better understanding for the need of a child to be closer to his family thereafter.

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