Observed About 15 Silver Disks

Observed About 15 Silver Disks

Date: March, 2009

Location: Clarksburg, WV

I was on my way to Big Bucks Bingo in Clarksburge, I was driving east on 50 about halfway between Belpre and Clarksburge about 8:00 a.m. as I was coming up one of the many hills.

I seen in the right side of my windshield what at first seemed to be a flock of birds, but as I focused in on them they were round metallic disks grouped together in no certan formation but very close together, my hair stood up ,there were no lights on them, I saw them for about 15 to 20 seconds .

I went to pull over to get a better look but they were ought of sight over the hills to the north.

I was alone and only a few people believe me, I know what I saw, the thing is, there were so many of them and it was daylight and no lights on them. Has any one seen such a sight before like that?

I will swear on a bible to the facts and take a lie detecter if need be, that's the only sighting I've ever seen but I've witnesed many other things in my life.

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