Light Appeared Out Of The Southeast Sky

Light Appeared Out Of The Southeast Sky

Date: August 10, 1958

Location: Bellevue, WA

At dusk, a light appeared out of the southeast sky arched down above the East horizon moved northwest.

July or August 1958, could have been 1959, at my home in Lake Hills, Bellevue, WA.

The time was about 9:30 p.m.

It was dusk but enough light in the western sky to see the profile of the Olympic mountain range.

I was in my back yard which faced West.

Most of the sky was dark, the weather was clear as it often is in the northwest this time of the year.

A light appeared to drop out of the southeastern sky.

It seemed to be more intense than the brightest star.

The light arched down toward the horizon in the southern sky traveled West, then toward the northwest as it stayed low, about 15° above the horizon.

It then passed behind a local batch of fir trees, about 6 blocks away.

It came into view again from behind the trees at the same altitude and then it passed over the local hills, Cougar Mountain & the hills above Eastgate, eventually moving towards the city of Seattle, passing under or level with a rising full Moon.

The intensity did not seen to change as it moved further away.

It seemed to turn slightly North and finally disappeared from my sight behind local terrain to the northwest of me.

No object was seen, just the light, which was very bright and white, with a very constant intensity.

There were no green or red colors associated with it.

It appeared to move much faster than any airplane and there was absolutely no sound.

Any jet powered airplane could have been easily heard as the evening was quiet and the object appeared to be within a mile or 2 at the nearest part of its flight path.

It moved at quite a high speed and it covered at least 25 to 40 miles inside of a minute.

The light was not a reflection off the object, the object was definitely the source.

Never heard about anyone who might have been a witness nor was there a mention of the event in the local press.

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