Belleville Triangle

Belleville Triangle

Date: Summer - 1956

Location: Belleville, NJ

Playing with friend in yard, it got dark and my mother screamed to get in.

Looked up large dark gray triangular object with lights above us.

No sound.

It was in the summer of 1956, mom has since passed.

A girl I was playing with when I was about 8 years old were stooping near the trees in the backyard playing with dirt.

It was the afternoon, and it got very dark.

We thought it was clouds when my mother yelled for us to get in the house.

When we looked up there was a huge triangular shaped object hovering over us.

There was no sound.

We ran into our houses, and by the time I got up the steps it was gone and my mother was calling the police on the phone.

They told her it was probably the government testing a new aircraft.

The craft was a dark gray it had lights in each of the points blinking on and off.

The bottom looked like it had indentations.

That is all I can really remember.

But it never made a sound and as fast as it came is as fast as it left.

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